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Firm Overview

Shoreham Capital is a privately-held real estate firm dedicated to the acquisition, ownership, development, and management of prime real estate properties spanning the East Coast and Sun Belt regions of the United States.

Driven by a commitment to quality investment properties and development sites strategically positioned in markets boasting long-term growth potential, Shoreham thrives under the leadership of its seasoned founders. Supported by a robust advisory board, we leverage fully integrated systems, cutting-edge technology, and an innovative approach to revolutionize both acquisitions and operations.

Our extensive knowledge of major US markets and diverse experiences derived from numerous institutional equity partnerships position Shoreham Capital as an industry leader. We excel in the identification, acquisition, planning, development, management, and leasing of high-quality projects that not only enhance communities but also deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors.


Shoreham Capital (“Shoreham”) is a fully integrated investor, developer and operator of real estate. Shoreham targets best in class risk-adjusted returns through investments in residential commercial and special situation opportunities. Shoreham targets investments that are expertly sourced, structured, and executed that provide value not only through origination but also through the deep operational and construction expertise of the firm.​


Shoreham is targeting real estate opportunities across residential strategies, as well as opportunistic real estate special situations. Shoreham has a pipeline and portfolio of proprietarily sourced multifamily and build-to-rent (“BTR”) investment opportunities currently in contract and development.


Shoreham Capital is on a mission to make a lasting impact through quality investments, an innovative approach, and the leadership of a seasoned team. By fostering growth and enhancing communities, we aim to provide more housing solutions across high-growth markets, primarily focusing on the East Coast and Sun Belt regions.

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For its construction and development efforts, Shoreham Capital has an exclusive partnership with JNS Homes, a market-leading General Contracting Firm and developer of single-family homes, built-to-rent communities, and multifamily projects. Founded by Shoreham Capital partner Nick Zoumas, JNS Homes has developed and built over $1.25 billion of real estate across Florida and New York.